Our possibilities

Thanks to modern technologies, our machine equipment enables us to productively machine a wide range of components and materials. We are a stable engineering company with main focus in cutting operation and EDM machining of metals, and assembly sets. We concentrate on providing the latest technologies that ensure ideal outcomes of our production. Thanks to a wide range of high-quality machines, we offer CNC machining, conventional machining, and also machining with 5-axis multifunction machining centers. The aim of our company is to produce a highly accurate products and components that will satisfy even the most demanding clients of all fields of engineering. The combination of modern equipment and quialified and experienced staff enables us to offer top quality services.



The beginnings of mechanical engineering production in Kolín date back to 1920 when a new factory called „SPECIAL“ Proft et al, with focus on precision tools for metalworks industry, was established.

The name of the factory was changed several times during the WWII and the post-war period, and the last renowned name of the factory from the 1960s was Kolínská nástrojárna. Despite the changes in name and owners, or the division of the factory to smaller units, the focus on the engineering industry remained the same for all these years. Over several decades, the company has manufactured tools for repairing locomotives and carriages, threading tools, reamers, milling cutters and a variety of special custom made tools. The rich history and long tradition of engineering production is the source of our experience and the base for our future development.


After a new investor joined the company at the beginning of 2003, an extensive investment and development project was launched to expand the production of tools for sheet metal processing, jigs, and precision machine components.

The basis for successful realization of the project is a long-term experience of the company’s key personnel together with good reputation among existing trading partners. In 2010, we started with systematic updating of our machine and technological equipment and we expanded our manufacturing and technological possibilities towards glass industry. Nowadays, manufacturing and construction of glass molds is one of the main activities of our company. We also continuously enhance the manufacturing possibilities of our company by planned investments to upgrade our machinery and develop human resources.

In this development project, our company focuses on two main activities:

  • > Construction and manufacture of molds for glass
  • > Series CNC production of precision machine components, production of tools and jigs
  • > The company currently uses the certified quality management system according to ISO 9001.
  • > The certification was carried out by the company LL-C.