Drafting, construction and manufacture of molds


We offer a complete service in manufacturing molds for both industrial and craft production of glass, led by the experienced professionals from the biggest manufacturer of lead glass in the Czech Republic.

Do not hesitate to contact us with yor equiry, which is non-binding.


Do you need a mold for your new product? No problem, our team of experienced constructors and designers will propose the right solution. Manufacturing glass molds is one of the focuses of our company. We manufacture all kinds of glass molds for both industry and craft production.
We are able to design and manufacture molds for your new product, including potential design alterations to make your product manufacturable.
Are you unsure about the design of your product, or do you need to present a prototype of your product before creating the mold? No problem, we will print your prototype of the final product on our 3D printer.
Do you have a sample or a prototype of a component with no data? No problem, we will scan your component with a 3D scanner and create 3D data that will enable further construction and designing.
Do you need a duplicit mold, plunger, or a spare part, and you do not have any documentation? No problem, we will scan the part and measure it with our 3D measuring device and create the needed data, which we will use to manufacture the wanted part.

We guarantee high quality by modern output control and 3D measurement with high accuracy.
We are a holder of the ISO 9001 certificate, which obliges us to adhere to standards and norms in effect and customer demands.

Feel free to contact us if you need more information: alform@alform.cz