Drafting, construction and manufacture of tools and jigs


We offer a complete service of manufacturing spare parts for production lines, tools, and jigs for all fields of automotive industry.

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Currently, we cooperate with a range of both Czech and worldwide manufacturers from various fields of the automotive industry.
We provide the following to exhaust systems manufacturers:
Heads for bending, pipe stretchers, hole punches, cutting machines, including their parts, clamping and measuring jigs.
We provide the following to manufacturers of interier parts:
Measuring jigs, clamping jigs, dedicated tools, base and cover templates for flocking, coating, backing, parts for assembly lines and dedicated machines. Parts for plastics welding machines.
We provide the following to manufacturers of mechanical components:
Measuring jigs, parts for assembly lines and dedicated machines, dedicated jigs, parts for quenching lines from special stainless steel, parts of molds for press casting of aluminium. Cutting and bending tools. Collets, spikes, molds for rubber pressing.

We guarantee high quality by modern output control and 3D measurement with high accuracy.
We are a holder of the ISO 9001 certificate, which obliges us to adhere to standards and norms in effect and customer demands.

Feel free to contact us at: alform@alform.cz